The Accessibility Champion's Handbook  

How to Create Disability Access to Technology
Best Practices in Electronic and Information Technology Companies
by Anthony Tusler

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This guide published by the World Institute on Disability (WID) explains how today's technology companies are largely ignoring a huge, untapped global market of millions of people with disabilities. In the US alone, there are over 54 million people with disabilities - a market that is expected to nearly double in the next 15 years. Perhaps better titled "The Access Champion's Handbook," illustrates the best practices disability accessibility advocates within companies have found to make their products and services meet the needs of customers with disabilities.

The publication, "How to Create Disability Access to Technology: Best Practices in Electronic and Information Technology Companies" is designed to help corporations profit from the increasing demands of a powerful and growing disability market.

The guide reveals how technology manufacturers increase bottom-line profits and meet corporate social responsibility goals by producing accessible products for people with disabilities. It is the first guide to show exactly how common technology products—such as cell phones and computers—are improved by including people with disabilities in design, testing and marketing. The book also explains how companies can avoid costly mistakes.

In the publication, technology industry experts reveal how they created accessibility in their companies and how design of accessible products has increased demand from a vital segment—the disability market.

There are five easy-to-read “How To” chapters offering insights and examples, including a case-study of AOL that shows how AOL's strategic commitment to accessibility averted a costly Americans with Disabilities Act verdict. Other chapters look at the future of accessibility and provide resources for companies and suggestions for disability advocates.

Cover · Table of Contents · Introduction · Sample Pages · Full Text (PDF)
Cover · Table of Contents · Introduction · Sample Pages · Full Text (text)

72 pages

ISBN: 0-942799-01-1

Amazon: $12.00

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